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Does anyone use Medical marijuana?

Does anyone take medical marijuana in the UK and if so how?I’ve wanted to try it for ages for my Chronic Migraines but I don’t know where to get it from or what to get etc.Preferably pill form as I have a young daughter to look after so I can’t be getting high haha

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posted 4 days ago by A MyMigraineTeam User
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I haven't used the medical type but I have used the recreational form and I do find it generally offers some relief and often when painkillers, anti… read more

posted 4 days ago

Has anyone used TheraSpecs, if so what was your experience? I'm looking at the ones that can be worn over prescription glasses

Bright light is definitely a trigger and even when light wasn't the particular trigger when a migraine starts I often wear sunglasses indoors. I even had to put them on during church Sunday because the sunlight was glaring off of the snow on a hill across the street from our church. The window it was coming in was on the other side of the sanctuary and just barely in my peripheral vision,… read more

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I have Thera Specs. I wear them with dark RX glasses.I have to wear both sets of dark glasses and sometimes 2 hats at church. 24 light bulbs in… read more

posted 1 day ago

I have 2 sets of peircings for this (in both ears). Has anyone else tried this?

I have 2 sets of piercings for mirgraines (in both ears). Has anyone else tried this? Plus I have heard that there is a 3 type of piercing that might help.

posted 7 days ago by A MyMigraineTeam User

What types do you have?

posted 5 days ago

Does anyone have any suggestions for staying migraine free in disney world or similar places?

I am going on a trip without my family for the first time and I'm a bit scared... to top it off I'm going to Disney World where I have always gotten terrible migraines. I'd love any and all suggestions to help the migraines be minimal. Thanks!

posted 12 days ago by A MyMigraineTeam User
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Try wearing sunglasses. Light really bothers me now when it didn't in the past. Maybe earplugs that don't block all sound but muffle it a bit. Hope you… read more

posted 11 days ago

Would a daith piercing work on someone with a pituitary tumor?

My tumor is laying on a nerve. I'm just wondering if the daith piercing would help me.

posted 13 days ago by A MyMigraineTeam User

Does your child suffer worse migraines than you?

I get migraines about 1x a week and can function for part of them but my son (16) gets them several times a week or ones that last for days. He missed more than 70% + of school days and social activities. I just don't know what to do at this point. We have recently changed neurologist from a pediatric one to an regular and he said he was on very low peds doses of meds and switched him to adult doses as he is the size of an adult. This doesn't seem to help. Last… read more

posted 14 days ago by A MyMigraineTeam User

No, my son can sleep with one & wake up a few hours later. Plus he does not have to take ANY preventatives or meds for them.

posted 7 days ago

Has anyone been to a migraine clinic? I have first appointment on Tuesday , just want to know what to expect.

posted 14 days ago by A MyMigraineTeam User
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Hi everyone.
So I had my appointment and I have to have an mri scan and blood tests, change in medication also.
My migraines are more intense due to… read more

posted 10 days ago

I had really weird visual aura this morning and I am now getting scared of auras. Does anyone else feel scared?

It was the first time I had this particular one and instantly recognised it as a migraine aura then I think because I recognised it so early it actually scared me.
Luckily my wife noticed I went quiet and saw me staring at the light and she went straight for my medication and told me to take.
Anyway like I said, does anyone else get scared now? Or have you all just settled with it?

posted 14 days ago by A MyMigraineTeam User
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Getting the Aura scares me to no end and makes me tear up,( not cry because that hurts too bad). You are not alone.

posted 5 days ago
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