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Merry Christmas Everyone! What is one thing special you plan to do for yourself this holiday season?

posted 24 minutes ago by A MyMigraineTeam User

I plan on enjoying My Family Friends as much as I can because this will be my first Christmas I have been participated in forever. I have been using the… read more

posted 19 minutes ago


What are people's experiences with botox? I am considering it since preventative pills are not working on my chronic migraines.

posted 2 days ago by A MyMigraineTeam User
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I have never tried it! I know people that have and they have mixed reviews expensive sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't

posted 17 minutes ago

Has anyone been prescribed Cyproheptadine for chronic migraine & if so, have you found it to be helpful?

I’m going on my 3rd week and notice no change with migraines (they’re pretty much constant). Right now i have stabbing pains above my eyes and right side of my head. I was just in the ER for an IV & cocktail of Zoltan, benedryl, Reglan, fluids. I’m constantly battling fatigue and this has me not wanting to even get out of bed. I’ve also gained 5 lbs because I’m not doing anything. But my headache… read more

posted 3 days ago by A MyMigraineTeam User

You are having the same experience as I did on it

posted 16 minutes ago

How do you cope with nausea related to your migraine?

tags: Nausea Side effects of nausea

posted 7 days ago by A MyMigraineTeam User
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Ginger root tea gravol lavender oil in the bath deep breathing ginger ail some things that help me

posted 13 minutes ago

If you have had the daith piercing done what is the recovery time like? How quickly did you notice a difference in your migraines?

I am currently receiving Botox however this last one is not helping. I am considering the daith piercing but I keep seeing such mixed reviews. I would like to get information from others that have had it done.

tags: daith

posted 10 days ago by A MyMigraineTeam User
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It’s awesome, if I start to get just a minor headache, if I get busy with something they never get like a bad headache, much less a migraine! I was… read more

posted 1 day ago

Speech problems

Does anybody have or get any type of speech problems when leading up to or during a Migraine?
I develop a stammer and struggle to even get any words out. This then upsets me and thus makes my migraine come on quicker or makes it worse.

posted 13 days ago by A MyMigraineTeam User
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I have the problems with stuttering ,I can't find the right things to say

posted 3 days ago


Has anyone ever heard of or tried this?

posted 14 days ago by A MyMigraineTeam User
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Yes, it’s just a low-dose Vicodin. The Hydrocodone dose is whatever your doctor orders, but the Tylenol (Acetaminophen) dose in it is a low dose to keep… read more

posted 5 days ago

What would you say to your migraine?

posted 14 days ago by A MyMigraineTeam User
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My sister has much more severe ones than I do. Found out that BOTH parents had them as well!

posted 4 days ago


Do you find yourself yawning before or during a migraine? I noticed I seemed to be yawning a lot last night during my migraine and wondered if this was a coincedence or something to do with the migraine?

posted 16 days ago by A MyMigraineTeam User

Yawning is just one more of the many symptoms associated with migraine, from what I have read it's a good indicator that a migraine attack is on it's… read more

posted 14 days ago
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