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Barometric pressure....how does it affect you and is there anything you can do to avoid them?

My migraines are definitely triggered by the barometric pressure going down. It doesn't seem to bother me when it rises. I live in the Calgary, Alberta, Canada region and we have the worst BP changes in the country. Used to love the Chinooks over the mountains as it brings warmer weather but now that I have migraines, I dread them.

posted 8 days ago
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getting worried been to see the neurologist is putting me on this medication. anyone been on it? what side effects have you had?

posted about 1 year ago
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how often do you get migraines with silent auras?

every time I get a silent aura I get hospitalised, they are every month at the moment, need help with the best medication on pizotifen at present sure they are not working.

posted over 1 year ago
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How does this help migraines

posted 11 days ago
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Has anyone had good results from taking daily Gingko as a preventative for aura migraine?

posted about 2 months ago
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Does anyone know of a Neurologist or headache specialist in Utah county or Salt Lake area?

I am having a hard time finding someone who is understanding of migraines. My current doctor might be retiring and I need to see a specialist. The internet doesn't have much options. Just wanted to see if others in the area have someone they trust.

posted 6 months ago
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How long do "bad" effects of botox last?

recently had botox, having severe flu symptoms, aches, pains, HEADACHES lack of energy, droopy eyelids and trouble with vision.....any insight would be appreciated....NEVER AGAIN!

posted 8 months ago
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Pediatric Neurologist

Can anyone recommend a pediatric neurologis in the Charlotte, NC area? Our current practice is closing.

posted 11 months ago
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Does anyone else suffer from Hemicrainia Continua migraines?

Does anyone else suffer from Hemicrainia Continua migraines? I have never met anyone else with this type of daily migraine. If so, have you found relief from anything other than Indocin? I have been taking this medication three times daily for 10 years now & it is very hard on my intestines & stomach. It causes me to get Colitis, but I’d have no quality of life without it.

posted about 1 year ago
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