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Sphenopalatine Ganglion Block
A MyMigraineTeam Member asked a question 💭

My pain management Dr has recommended possible ganglion block via the nose. Has anybody had this before? If so, what kind of results did you have? I'm crossing my fingers at this point.

posted April 25, 2017
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A MyMigraineTeam Member

I had the treatment twice. The first trial was a small dose to see how I would react to it and It worked fairly well in reducing the intensity of the migraines I did get. The second one lasted about a month and I didn’t really notice a huge difference in number of migraines... about 4 less days in the month. But I get 20-25 days of pain... but hey less is less and I would have continued the treatments had I not moved to an area where there were no specialists to provide the treatments. I had no side effects long term, but there was short term site pain and esophageal numbness from dripping with a foul taste in the mouth. Hope this helps.

posted June 6, 2018
A MyMigraineTeam Member

It is a thin catheter that is inserted into the nose up to the sphenopalatine ganglion nerve behind the boney structure of the nose. Here is a link that explains it very well. It is uncomfortable however I think worth it if it helps with the aweful pain of migraines and chronic headaches.


posted May 17, 2017
A MyMigraineTeam Member

My first one lasted three weeks...every one after that lasted only a couple hours..I finally declined having any more done and requested a referral to a neurosurgeon...currently on my way out of town for appointment in the morning to discuss nerve decompression or the possibility of having charia malformation

posted May 15, 2017
A MyMigraineTeam Member

Sorry, please allow me to clarify my previous post. My above description of injections were an Occiptal Nerve Block at base of back of skull and upper neck muscles between shoulders and skull. This probably makes more sense now! 🙄

posted May 7, 2017 (edited)
A MyMigraineTeam Member

For me it lasted about three hours.

posted April 14, 2019

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