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A MyMigraineTeam Member asked a question 💭

Does anyone get Botox for migraines?
does it work for Barometric Pressure trigger migraine?
Does insurance cover?

posted July 17, 2017
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A MyMigraineTeam Member

Update - Over a year later. Still getting Botox every 3 months and added last year Aimovig 70mg once a month. I'm down to maybe 1 knock-out, drag-out migraine a quarter that kills me, the rest are annoyance headaches with a few I have to lay down. Rear their heads primarily with major weather changes, end of the month (Aimovig on the 1st) and at the end of a quarter (Botox wearing off & Aimovig at month-end). I judge the severity by what it takes to knock out it out. In the past 3 months, just one severe enough to use my triptan, the rest are my cocktail of timolol eye drops, dexamethasone, some Advil & depending on the situation a little propranolol. If I catch it early enough, the eye drops do the trick.

Insurance update - UnitedHeathcare has come around, as of this past October they started covering Aimovig AND Botox. Plus, I have a suspicion that the person in charge of healthcare at my husband's company (I'm on his insurance) has migraines because Botox is covered 100% even without hitting the deductible.

Moral of the story - keep at it and go aggressive as possible on treatment and remember the key is "15 or more a month". ;) I'm at a way better place than I was even a year ago. Thanks for letting me share.

posted January 16, 2020
A MyMigraineTeam Member

Having had my fourth botox treatment, I would say it helps with the barometric pressure change headaches. They are still there, but they go up and down in severity throughout the day(s) rather than maintaining a high severity the entire time.

posted September 18, 2018
A MyMigraineTeam Member

I’m with you on that!! I’m 57 and my mom is 85. She found out I use Botox and has lectured me non stop that I don’t know the long term side effects. Suffering since high school with these disabling migraines, I opt to not care and try to live for the moment. At least I now get them less with less severity!! I have two children that are used to seeing mom in bed. At least now ion my good days I can enjoy them and share some good memories😊

posted April 29, 2018
A MyMigraineTeam Member

Changing weather triggers my migraines.

posted April 28, 2018
A MyMigraineTeam Member

I have been getting botox for years now. Some days of course are better than others. I have been on every medication you can think of. Nothing worked!
I also occipital nerve blocks which hurt terribly. They did not work at all.
Can anyone that gets botox every 3 months towards the end of the month before I am ready for my next spots, migraines start almost daily. I start getting bad migraines. I missed the botox last month bc of this virus. Not looking for migraines I know I will get this month until my appt on 5/26 😢

posted May 3, 2020

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