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How Do You Cope With Being In Pain 24/7?

How Do You Cope With Being In Pain 24/7?

I need help to deal with my condition.I don't mean with medicines,I mean how to deal with it emotionally and how to cope with it everyday.Do you see therapists,councillors,have treatments,go to group meetings?I need to find a way of managing my feelings of anger,depression,loneliness etc in a healthy way.I can't go on like this where I'll end up bringing everyone down with me.

posted October 23, 2017
A MyMigraineTeam Member

@A MyMigraineTeam Member, Looks like most of these posts are old, but I still enjoy reading other's opinions. I liked what you said especially. I went to behavioral cognitive therapy five years ago and learned more about mindful meditation and what you said reminds me of what my behavioral therapist said. I have chronic migraine so I spend 15-26 days in migraine, or it's various stages. I average 8 attacks per month, with only a day or two in between free from head pain. So my attitude is everything! I decided to learn to live within the pain. To stop hating it, because it's a part of and has been since I was 10. Nor do I stress over it anymore because that's a waste of energy, and it only makes it worse. Instead I try to focus on things that bring me joy. Like right now. I've had this migraine for three days. I tried my tricks and nothing is helping. So I gave myself permission to climb back in bed with my dog and drink another cup of coffee. If I can handle the pain, I will. Maybe today will be a pain pill day. Maybe not. But either way, it's still a day worthy of praise. I'm alive. I have a home. I have love. I have a sweet dog. It's the little things that we must appreciate the most. Don't you agree? Have a blessed day!

posted August 14, 2020
A MyMigraineTeam Member

I know this feeling well. I have no answer. I get mad at the neuro I’ve been going to for 6 years -cannot seem to get it through THICK, OVEREDUCATED SKULL~ that I don’t HAVE episodes... same one for six years. Don’t give me the stupid calendars to fill out,, i’m Just gonna wait until the day before and mark 9.5,9.5,9.5, in everyday-never 10 because we all know never to go to the ER.
I’m sorry , hun- but I feel you.

posted November 23, 2017
A MyMigraineTeam Member

@A MyMigraineTeam Member ~ This is a great group, everyone knows what you are going through and there are some great tips and suggestion, take what works for you.
it's important to form your own support system, family and friends, a therapist, a PCP that truly understands your migraines. If your family and friends don't understand, educate them as much as you can. I have known my best friend for over 40 years and just recently spoke with her in depth about my migraines. She had no idea that I suffered as much as I do.
These things won't make your migraines better, but it will help you cope.

posted November 2, 2017
A MyMigraineTeam Member

I will be honest. It’s been almost 7 yrs. My migraine got less intense after the brain tumor was removed. But it is still here every single day. One long migraine as another member put it. Yes the same one. But it changes often, the “auras” ( I call side effects) that come along with the pain change. The constant though is depression and tiredness. Pain drains me of energy. It makes me want to sleep sometimes even more than the migraine themselves make me want to sleep. I get depressed when it’s warm weather and sunny. The heat and bright sunshine makes my head pound then nausea starts. I think of all the fun I’m missing. It frustrates me terribly.

I take close to 10 different pills for migraines. A combination of BP, anti depression, supplements, vitamins, and others to keep my migraine at a tolerable pain level. I have tried dropping some but the pain comes roaring back with a vengeance so each pill is important. I was then introduced to an infusion called Vyepti. The most severe part of my migraine that cycled through about every 4-5 weeks and lasted 9.5 days has been cut down to 2.5 days and comes about every 8 weeks now. Those are the days I am in bed sleeping, not eating, not talking.
I barely have strength to walk to the bathroom. This medication has made my life better. I can get out, go shopping, take phone calls and travel again. Did it free me of migraines? No … but it gave me some of my life back because it lessened the intensity of them. I can think again!!
I also go to counseling for the depression and anxiety.
The thing that bothers me the most is the tiredness and missing out on life for days at a time.

posted December 16, 2021
A MyMigraineTeam Member

Of all the symptoms of chronic migraine this one is among the top 3 to deal with. I don't do well in therapy. The problems for me are: 1) having to go back through my emotional & horrible childhood... Every. Single. Time.; 2) they never seem to really listen; 3) they all give the same reasons & suggestions... It's ur past & here's some pills. I don't need more pills, I've tried them all & even the ones I'm on now don't help. I need solutions. Options Honesty. Compassion. LISTENING. It generally takes 3 or 4 sessions just to get through my history but the "prescription pad" (I know these are relics of a past era) comes out during the very first. I know my life sucked. I know I was abused. I know my husband is impossible. I already meditate & do breath work. Each of us is different & these cookie cutter fixes don't work for all of us. I've spent most of my adult life trying to cope with depression & anxiety. If all it takes to be a therapist is listening to peoples horror & sad stories & writing a script, I should get licensed. I can barely find doctors that can deal with my condition, so far finding a therapist who can deal with ME without wanting me to drag my husband or estranged mother in "for a session or 2". If meditation, breathing, finding my center, pills, talking it out, exercising, journaling, observing my emotions & releasing, etc worked for me I wouldn't be in yet another office looking for help. Maybe I'm just a hopeless case. Its not like I went once or dipped in my toe & decided it wasn't for me or I knew more than the therapist. I've spent years sitting in chairs. I've been on antidepressants & stronger since I was 17. I need someone to help with not only coping with the pain & emotional baggage that comes with chronic migraine, but also the way my brain actually works. Am I alone in these experiences?

posted August 28, 2020

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