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What type of migraine I have

What type of migraine I have

Hi all...
Am new to migraines. Am 42 years old and 3 months ago had first one. I thought I had heart attack. But things didn’t add up cause I didn’t had chest pain nor arm pain. Just slurred speech.
Luckily I had morphine left over from kidney stone I had month before migraine attack. But morphine didn’t work. Had to take Advil and Tylenol too. Than I fall a sleep and when I woke up I was just tired but head was fine.
I went to fam doc for something else and at the end I mentioned… read more

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A MyMigraineTeam Member said:

It reminds me of my migraines. I have hemiplegic migraines, and for me they mimic a stroke almost completely. Right side pain, left side paralysis. I… read more

posted 7 months ago
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