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Does your eye droop during migraines?

Does your eye droop during migraines?

Has anyone ever had this happen to their eye with a migraine? Sometimes it’s so bad I can’t hardly see. Always the same eye. It comes and goes. Happens whenever I drive for more than 15 minutes (which triggers a migraine) or whenever the migraines at home cross a pain level of about 7. Sunglasses don’t help. The neurologist said it’s not a stroke, that it’s a nerve issue. It’s not a muscle weakness, I can force my eyes open if I try hard. My optometrist is fascinated by it.… read more

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A MyMigraineTeam Member said:

My right eye drops as well as sometimes seems to swell on the right side of face. I also suffer from druzen disease which causes prisms in my vision,… read more

posted 16 days ago
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