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Eye Stroke caused by migraine, Permanent

Eye Stroke caused by migraine, Permanent

Has anyone had this happen to them??
I woke up with migraine. Got up and took migraine meds. 10 minutes later while laying down with eyes shut I saw 3 bright full blue moons that grew in rapid sec section, one after another.
I looked at alarm clock and I could only read the top half of numbers. Got up, turned light on and bottom of vision in one eye was gone! Looked like jagged sheets of ice.
Went to ER IMMEDIATELY. In the time it took to get there the blockage moved to… read more

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A MyMigraineTeam Member said:

I get vision loss with migraines often. Just this morning, actually. But it’s never been a stroke in my eye and never permanent. What happened to you is… read more

posted about 2 months ago
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