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Is it a migraine?

Is it a migraine?

I started having a floater and pinprick lights 2 days ago in just one eye. They have been there the whole 2 days. I had 2 jabbing headaches for maybe an hour each since then. I went to the ER and the ophthalmologist yesterday and they didn't see anything wrong with my eyes.

I have been having headaches for maybe a week now before the vision changes. I rarely get any headache so it's kind of alarming for me.

I failed to mention the headaches to the ophthalmologist because there was no pain at… read more

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A MyMigraineTeam Member said:

According to my neurologist, there are pain free migraines. There are over 30 types of migraines. I get 1 type so I’d guess what you’re describing is… read more

posted 29 days ago
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