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A MyMigraineTeam Member asked a question 💭

getting worried been to see the neurologist is putting me on this medication. anyone been on it? what side effects have you had?

A MyMigraineTeam Member


Has Anyone Tried The Migraine Infusions?
A MyMigraineTeam Member asked a question 💭

I have had migraines for 10 years. Getting worse 15-20 a month. I have tried Botox, Aimovig, emgality, imitrex, topomax, naratriptan, depeco. Nothing works more than a month. I have been hospitalized several xs because cocktail they give at ER does not work. They gave me DHE infusions thru a central line. One every 8 hours for 4 days. It’s a very strong drug w a lot of side effects. The infusions they are talking about are once every 3 months thru IV. Has anyone tried them?

A MyMigraineTeam Member

I have been dealing with it for awhile.. but thank you

Who Takes, Has Been Prescribed Pain Meds-narcotics For Migraines?
A MyMigraineTeam Member asked a question 💭

I often wish I had something since I don't go to the ER.

A MyMigraineTeam Member

The only thing my doctor and I found to ever work on my migraines was Percocet.

Memory Loss
A MyMigraineTeam Member asked a question 💭

Howdy again, Migraine Warriors. I'm dealing with a symptom that seems to have dual causes & I'm curious who else struggles with it & how they deal with it, especially ways to reverse the effects. Memory loss. Like, severe dementia-style memory loss. Scary, will-i-wake-up-tomorrow-&-not-know-who-i-am scary. My causes seem to be migraine compounded by years of gabapentin (neurontin) use. I've gotten several responses from my PCP about it from 'your only option is to quit the gabapentin & hope for… read more

A MyMigraineTeam Member

my doctor started me on memantine, which it what they prescribe for people with dementia. Too soon to see if it helps