Stress and Migraine

Posted on April 16, 2018

"If stress is causing your migraines, consider meditation, soaking in an aromatherapy bath or even just massaging your face or neck. I've noticed lately that I evidently clench my jaw a lot and it's made the muscles feel ropey but if I massage them it helps with a headache." -A member on MyMigraineTeam

Does your body react to an event or stressful situation? Is stress a trigger for your migraine?

On MyMigraineTeam, the social network and online support group for those living with migraines, members talk about a range of personal experiences and struggles. Stress is one of the top 10 topics most discussed.

Here are some conversations about stress:

I take Topiramate for migraines. The side effects are dry mouth, thirsty, and drowsiness. The effectiveness is wearing off so I have to still take medicine when migraines are full on attack 😡 It's very noticeably to my family that my behavior, mood, and personality is changing I am crying more, and fussy, this is out of character for these new behavior I loathe.

So far so good. I'm really thinking my migraines are stress/ sleep related. The more stressed I am, the less I sleep. The more frequent the migraines. Then when I do sleep I have seizures. So trying to get rid of stress.

The past 3 weeks have been painful in my mouth channeling into the left side of my head, which is my migraine side. Dentist told me today I have an impacted wisdom tooth causing the pain that requires surgery to remove. I'm hoping that between the surgery, watching my sugar intake and calmly handling stresses I'll start feeling less pain in my head. Staying positive and focusing on the present and being excited for the future helps me greatly.

Here are some question and answer threads about stress:

Any advice or tips on what could help relieve stress?

What support can I get to keep me in my job and help my employers to understand my condition?

Does anyone else get frustrated when their migraine is hanging around?

Can you relate?

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