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Hi Guys, I'm Just Wondering Out Of All Of Us Who Has Been Diagnosed With Basilar Type Migrains???

Hi Guys, I'm Just Wondering Out Of All Of Us Who Has Been Diagnosed With Basilar Type Migrains???

My auras range anywhere from loss of sight to left sided co vultions, and my triggers are just about everywhere word love to hear from some of you with this type..

posted June 12, 2017
A MyMigraineTeam Member

My neuro has referred to the migraines I suffer from as Basilar. It started when I was 21 and would primarily attack my vision. I'd see the usual zig zag wavy lines, bright flashing colors etc., but I didn't suffer from headache at all. I did get very confused and tired and people talking sounded to me like one big noise and my hearing was literally "too loud". Later, the attacks changed from losing my vision to literally spinning in circles. Neuro told me it was just attacking a different part of the brain and they've been this way since. I'm very sensitive to motion at all time, but can be very bad. I take Imitrex now, which really helps a lot. I've been working for about 3 years now on trying hard to identify triggers and I'm starting to pick up on them. I keep a diary and I put what I ate on the day I had a migraine, I also put what the weather was like and how I was feeling. I started to notice when weather went from beautiful to a storm in the same day, I'd get hit with a migraine that night. When I would get thirsty, or over tired, I'd get hit with one too. I'd see the same patterns so that diary helped a lot!!!

posted February 27, 2018
A MyMigraineTeam Member

Hi Tanya-
I have both Basilar and Hemiplegic Migraine. I have found that looking for what is soothing versus what is triggering is useful for me. Especially since it seems the world is my trigger. I have found that if I look through the lens of choice, it it helpful. I can choose to be fearful and angry, or I can choose to be grateful that I know what is happening. I have found that massage is so helpful, as is keeping a journal. My house is dark and soft. I am fortunate enough to know what most of my food triggers are, and I avoid them. Movement and music and fresh air help. There are certain meds that do too. I have had them for over 30 years, so I am pretty well practiced at calming myself. How long have you been diagnosed?

posted February 26, 2018
A MyMigraineTeam Member

Does any one have this kind of migraine? Or is it really as rare as I've been told??

posted July 11, 2017
A MyMigraineTeam Member

I have Basilar artery migraines, mine are genetic. I have a defect in the artery itself; it's too small and narrow where it lies over the brain stem, therefore when the artery constricts during a migraine it reduces the blood flow and oxygen to the brain. I appear having a stroke - anything from fainting, paralysis, stuttering ,vision loss etc. The majority of ER doctors have never seen it.
It is fairly rare, especially in adults, and only slightly more common in children. Last time, I checked there were less than 250,000 diagnosed cases of Basilar artery migraine disease in the US.. So it's important for you to know as much as possible about it as you can, because no one else is going to be able to provide much support. You need to be your own patient advocate.
Avoiding stressful situations, getting enough sleep ,following a tyramine free migraine diet and taking magnesium oxide and riboflavin seem to help a lot of migraines irregardless of the type.
I hope this helps and I'm happy to answer any questions you may have if I can answer it. I hope I don't come off sounding "preachy" ,I don't mean to; I've been a nurse for many years so when I was given a name for our family curse, I had to learn all I could about it. Good luck and God.bless.

posted June 16, 2018
A MyMigraineTeam Member

I have them due to injury to my cervical spine (C2, C3).

posted March 6, 2018

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