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In Sarasota FL., Looking For A Reliable Neurologist.

In Sarasota FL., Looking For A Reliable Neurologist.

Looking for someone proficient in migraine treatment

A MyMigraineTeam Member said:

There's one in Venice Dr. Tonya Stephenson but she's hard to get into. In Port Charlotte there is Dr. Amy Mellor. I went to her when we lived in North Port. We recently moved to Ohio. It took me 7 months up here to get into one. But diagnosis was the same. So I have confidence in Dr. Mellor. Best if you can find a Headache Specialist. May need to consider a farther drive. Clearwater Headache Clinic may be worth checking out. Not all neurologists are headache specialists. Good luck. U.S. Pain Foundation did a webinar on this subject. Check out Dr. Chua. The Invisible Project.

posted 12 months ago
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