Tinted Glasses and Migraines

Posted on May 07, 2018

Bright light or changes in light can trigger migraines in some people. The discomfort caused by photosensitivity often happens without warning, causing sudden, sharp pain. Fear of going outside can cause isolation and anxiety. Research has found that tinted glasses (such as FL-41 glasses) may reduce the frequency and severity of migraines caused by light sensitivity.

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Here are some conversations about tinted glasses:

Tomorrow I am going to buy tinted safety glasses to see if that at least helps a prevent migraines at work little bit in the future.

Today I have finally collected my prescribed Precision Tinted Lenses which are supposed to help in the relief of visual stress symptoms which can occur in photosensitive migraines.

I bought some huge, ugly orange tinted glasses that help, as well - they're supposed to be for fishing to cut glare. At least I can see through them in the house; better than sunglasses.

Here are some question-and-answer threads about tinted glasses:

Has anyone tried the "migraine glasses" with the FL-41 tinting?

Has anyone used glasses tinted to block blue/green light?

Has anyone tried the axon or theraspec glasses?

Can you relate?

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A MyMigraineTeam Member said:

I got blue light filter glasses for my insomnia and realised they help for my mig6

posted about 2 months ago

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